Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bitten by the Bridal Bug

I'm not sure if it is being done with coaching volleyball for the season or just that there's only about four months until the wedding, but the bridal bug has definitely bitten me. I'm flipping through girly magazines, buying LED candles, organizing lists of friends and family, and daydreaming about our honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean.

Until recently, I would definitely say I was taking the whole wedding planning gig in stride, but now it's definitely become something I think about everyday. About 10 times a day. I know it will get worse, but I'm embracing it. As far as I'm concerned, being engaged is a once in a lifetime experience. I plan to make the most of the next four months while avoiding the famed "Bridezilla" issues.

Mostly, I'm just so excited to get to marry my best friend at an amazing party we get to throw for our family and friends. Honestly, how can you let little things like typos overwhelm the awesomeness of that?

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