Monday, January 2, 2012

Registries Up!

It has been fun working on our registries over the past few months. What have we learned about registering and each other?
  1. We both love quality.
  2. Not all scan guns are of equal quality (we're looking at you, Target).
  3. Apparently, we only ever want to cook.
  4. RJ loves green as much as I do.
  5. Registries should be done in bursts; too much "shopping" at once can definitely get you frustrated.
  6. We both really like to find the best deal on everything - RJ online and Heather by staring at three different brands for five minutes at a time in the store.
Want to see what we're wishing for? Head over to the Concession Stand to see our fabulous registries!


  1. Too much shopping at once? Frustrating? Ludicrous! :) Can't wait to stop by the concession stand!

  2. Hooray! Our first comment! Also, let's set up a shopping date soon, it is so much fun with a girl friend. :)


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